Posters - TAFPA

The Academy for Performing Arts (TAFPA) is a professional dancing academy for youngsters ranging from ages 2 to 18. They hold a very prestigious show every 2 years which is performed at the Crewe Lyceum. TAFPA required a distinct brand design for the show ‘STOP WATCH!’ The show was about all the eras from the past century and how social media has changed the way how we live. TAFPA wanted a very creative brand designed around the theme of the show which needed to be produced on posters, programmes, t-shirts and websites.



After discussing ideas with our client and looking at various images and colours. Our graphics team produced a beautifully designed brand to reflect everything that the show aspired to be. The design showed creativity, movement, sadness, collaboration and isolation all combined together to express the emotion from the past century tied in with the dancing academy. We were extremely pleased to deliver this bespoke challenge as the final product looked great!