Guides on Special Finishes


Coated Papers

Coated papers have a smooth surface that can enhance the sharpness and colour of the image. Coated papers include gloss, silk and matt.

Un-coated Papers

Uncoated papers have a porous finish which absorb the ink into its fibres resulting in a softer and toned down image. Uncoated papers include pulp, wove and texured surfaces.


Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination is ideal if you want to give that sleak look. With its high shine look you are sure that your product will stand out from the rest. This finish can also be ideal for menu’s as this can be wiped down time after time and still keep its quality look.

Matt Lamination

Matt lamination gives a more gentle, subtle look. This finish is ideal for that extra special look to give quality and classiness. This product is ideal for prestige brochures or clean cut business cards.

Soft Touch

As soon as you feel soft touch lamination, it gives out that wow factor. This finish is ideal is you want that something special and a bit different.


UV Varnishing is a coating that can be applied to a specific area on the print and gives a shiny finish. This could be applied to the logo for example as it draws more attention to the area. Gloss UV can be particularly more impressive when applied over a matt or soft touch lamination.


Die-cutting is the process of cutting paper/card into a shape. This can be used for a practical function as a ticket holder or to make a printed material unique and stand out from the crowd.

Please ask for samples of any of our special finishes