What file types do you accept?

We accept a variety of different formats such as PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG and PNG.
If you are sending us artwork with a mix of graphics and photography, please provide us with a print ready PDF. If you are sending any Photography, please ensure it is as high resolution as possible.
If you are sending over an EPS, please ensure that all the fonts are created to paths.

My file is over 15MB how can I send it to you?

We would recommend Mail Big File as it is free to use. All you need to do is enter Canprint’s email address (sales@can-print.co.uk), provide your address, select your file, add a message and press send file.

What is Bleed?

The Bleed is the area to be trimmed and ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document. Please provide 3mm of bleed on all supplied artwork.

How environmentally friendly are you?

We take every measure to reduce print waste and improve our environmental impact. We have recycled options on Leaflets, Letterheads and Compliment Slips. Please ask for details.

When I reorder, will my product be exactly the same?

That depends, do you want it to be the same? When you reorder a job, you can pick whether you want us to use the same artwork as before or whether you want us to make a few changes for you.

What should I look for when I'm checking my proofs?

Keep an eye out for missing text, strange characters and check that everything is in the right place. Make sure you thoroughly proof read and spellcheck your prints before you authorise us to print.
Please note: we do not check for design, content or spelling errors.

How do I make sure my prints have high quality image resolution?

We recommend using images that are between 200 to 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution. Anything less than 100dpi may appear pixelated.